About Us

The Andrallas Conception. 
It was a cool spring evening in Brisbane, Australia, our hometown.  Being occasional social butterflies, we were at our best friends birthday drinks at a trendy bar. It was as per usual very festive and jovial. 

At some point we both met at the bar to order another round, while waiting for our prerequisite aperol spritzes to be completed by the bartender, we started pondering the meaning of life and what we were doing here. (As you do after a drink or 6).

While discussing frustrations over Alexandra not being able to find a decent blazer that was long enough in the arms or body and musing about the battle to find well fitting jeans and trousers, Nicholas lamented about the frustrations he had faced while trying to find a suit for his tall mother for his wedding, we both discovered that we had both been thinking about starting a fashion label for tall women.

Nicholas had actually studied design and started his own label many moons ago but is currently practising in law and looking to get back to a creative space. With his design experience and qualifications and Alexandra's modelling, retail and business experience we decided we would make the best team. Not all business plans made on a night out come to fruition but the stars aligned for us. 

The Journey to this point has been a mighty adventure and we are loving the ride and are so excited to launch. Thank you all for subscribing, thank you for your participation in the surveys and for all your enthusiasm and kind words. They are a real driver for us.

At Andrallas we are doing things a little differently to ensure we are good for you, good for the planet and good for everyone the brand touches.